Save the world. Speak (and think) for yourself.

I’m a gamer, and I don’t have a religion.  So while searching Bing for funny Skyrim-related sayings, I stumbled upon this fools blog,  Now I grew up in a nice Christian home with loving parents and we went to church every Sunday.  I also grew up watching my dad kill zombies in Resident Evil on the PlayStation.  That was back in the ’90’s before the rise of Jesus-freaks.  Today, my religious views are different and instead of watching someone play, I’m the one with the shotgun.

photo by ~MurdockMcMackin

My parents are still very much hell-bent on having me come back to their god (threats have ensued), but after taking the time to find out what I don’t believe in, and seeing the church continuously spit out “followers” such as this, I’m set on staying away.

From the start of the post he is bashing Skyrim and Blizzard Entertainment, which actually had no part in the making of the game.  He claims the game is gay, too realistic (?), and apparently, dragon porn.  This is a video game; completely different from porn. Side note – were pie charts really necessary?  Had he actually done ANY research he would know the character does not “fling devil DNA juices at each other after a long night of fecal frenzy ass assassinations.”  The article is riddled with grammatical errors and misspelled words which is annoying in and of itself.  How can one begin to believe this man’s credibility if my six-year-old can spell better?

To top it off, insulting the gaming community and the non-religious wasn’t enough, he goes after homosexuals.  There is nothing wrong with them, their choices, or their actions.  They should be treated with the same respect as anyone else.  They are not lepers, whatever your pastor says.  Do I feel like a lesbian after playing Skyrim?  No!  I just decapitated you in one swift swing of my glass battle axe.  I’m awesome.

It goes without saying I am disappointed with the church; you and your people should be ashamed.  Aren’t you supposed to embrace us with love and forgive us our sins?  I throughly enjoy Skyrim and am proud to be a gamer and not a nut-job.  For all your hard work, Bethesda, the 1% thank you.

What do you think? Thoughts and comments are welcome.

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A toast…

Thanksgiving.  A day most people associate with family, hearth, and home.  For me, it’s a day of judgment and ridicule.  Now before you start thinking that I’m playing some sort of victim, you have to know my family.  Sure, they seem nice and welcoming, but they are a faction of religious templar’s, fighting the darkness with their arsenal of purified, secular weapons.

I am autistic.  A very high functioning, autistic.  My parents figured it out when I was little but didn’t mention it until I was 25.  I’ve always had a hard time socializing and fitting in.  Ever since I can remember, I’ve been the disappointment, which the eldest typically is.  We become the guinea pig when the second child arrives and upgraded to black sheep after the third child comes into play.  I’ve tested my parents in every way imaginable way possible, most of which were unintentional.  Growing up I wanted to explore and learn and develop, but my mother said the world was evil, so we played inside the fenced yard and my sister would tell if I ventured too far.

After graduation, I ran as fast and as far as I could from them.  I made it to Connecticut before getting pregnant and having my mother bring me back home.  I moved out with other guys over the following years always to return eventually.  One of those guys changed me.  He lit a spark that was buried deep and ignited a thirst for knowledge, experience, and self discovery.  Religion was the first area I explored.  We watched a film about different gods and their ‘bibles’.  I decided my family’s god worked for them, but I wanted to choose what and who I believe in.  My parents did not like this to say the least.  They didn’t like the changes to my attitude, my new interests, or the ways I found to test their faith.  That was the biggest error I ever made with them, challenging their god.

Why would I blindly follow an apparition that is everywhere and can only be seen by a chosen few?  So when I started officially branching away from the nest, my actions weren’t smooth and subtle.  They were loud and extremely angering.  I don’t oppose the holidays, but I don’t believe in your god so don’t force it on me or threaten to kick me out, for the 473rd time.  I don’t want to go to your church or any church for that matter.  Why can’t you accept that your religion is not mine?

My personality clashes with many and my interests differ greatly from others.  I enjoy being a nerd, a gamer, a freak.  The words I speak sound okay in my head, but sometimes they come out wrong.  How can my friends understand and love me for being me, but you can’t.  You don’t understand me, but I don’t get you either.  I don’t like being your Black Sheep, but it made me who I am today, so for that, I give thanks.

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Skyrim is Coming

Ok, so apparently I’m alone when it comes to being a nerd. I just stumbled upon this Live-action Skyrim video that was released today and only know TWO people to share it with.  How/where do you find fellow nerds?  Two, three, seven, is not enough.  I want a group that will kill zombies and slay dragons with me.  People that know the significance of the year 2552, that the tenth doctor was the best, and that Grendal is actually really sweet.  There are a couple gaming communities but none that aren’t overpopulated by chubby, 13-year-olds who still don’t like girls, let alone appreciate our skills with a controller. Haha.

Maybe the problem is that I’m just not putting myself out there.  I’m not reserved, I’m observant and meeting guys with a 360 are rare.  All the females I meet think gaming consists of a Wii or worse, a DS (shutter).  Baking cupcakes or playing on facebook doesn’t mean you’re a gamer, it means you’re bored; and turning your energy into productivity is great but gamers live off of slim jims, ramen, and day-old pizza so what’s the point of working out?  So this week I will challenge myself to make one new friend.  With all the dating sites out there, I’m sure to find someone with similar interests as me.  Right?

Here’s the vid, enjoy.

Repetition is unnecessary, but, Winter is coming.

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Finally got a blog!!!!

Not sure what kind of blog I want this to be.  Or what kind of entries to include.  I guess for starters I should share a little about myself.  I’m 25, but I act, feel, and think like I’m 35.  I’m unique, complex, and passionite.  After taking a LONG time after high school deciding what to do with my life, I’m excited to say that I’m starting my BA in Business Mangement at Penn State this spring. There’s alot of back story so I’ll try hard not to make this my biography and summarize when I can.

Has anyone seen Game of Thrones on HBO?  It’s epically awesome. ‘Deck’ as my friend, JP, would say. He got me hooked on all things SciFi.  Firefly, LOTR, and Fringe instantly became some of my favorites.   When GoT season 1 ended we were grateful to have FIVE books to tide us over.  I’m already on book three, A storm of Swords; JP is on five.  Nerds have way too much time on their hands.  My other friend, Brady, recently inroduced me to WoW, because I apparently play too much Halo.  We had a long discussion about character creation and how I read everything instead of just diving in and playing.  I told him that when Skyrim comes out, It’ll take hours before I get to any actual gameplay.  But I finally decided on an Alliance character, a female human mage.  Played till four in the morning and got to level 6, my laptop is not built for such things.  Might be time for a new processor.  Thank buddah for Black Friday sales. Well, the real world is calling.

Winter is coming.

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